The Company


Marnew Comercio Internacional Ltda., a company focused on Foreign Trade and Logistics area, has as its main goal, be a driver on international trade and logistics operations, keeping straight participation on globalization, increasing the international relationship among Brazil and the world. Our mission is offering the best services of Import and Export consultancy as well as the advantages of FUNDAP – Found for Development of Port Activities, assuring that all steps will be concluded with safety and efficiency.

Our goal is be the Foreign Trade & Logistics department of all customers, providing the best service, the best team of professionals and the best infrastructure, looking for operational costs reduction that a foreign trade & logistics department inside a company may bring.

Currently, the main feature of global situation is the interdependence of economies, the globalization and market competition. Due to the increase of opportunities, all companies, no matter the size, are looking for innovation in terms of competitiveness, as an alternative to reach their goals. Generally, all efforts are concentrated on sales strategy, financial and logistics analysis, focusing on costs reduction and improvement of cash flow, which implies investments on management tools, tributary motivation and benefits, adding value on products and services.