Import process




In view of new rules and concepts, Marnew keeps itself constantly updated on customs procedures, been able to coordinate import processes, since the negotiation with suppliers abroad until the delivery at customers’ warehouse, studying and developing logistics alternatives for different type of process. On import process, we are able to develop the following proceedings:

-  Necessary support to apply for RADAR, the authorization by Government authorities to operate as an importer and exporter in Brazil;
-  Assistance on the negotiation and follow up with suppliers;
-  Handling and request of necessary documents;
-  Logistics analysis;
-  Support to contact the competent authorities (DECEX, Federal Revenue);
-  Follow up with customs brokers agencies shipping lines, air companies, customs warehouse, etc;
-  Payment terms: negotiation and contact with banks;
-  Duties and taxes applied on imported products.

Besides the support on import and export proceedings, we are able to take the advantages of FUNDAP – Found for Development of Port Activities, financial incentive approved by Law nº 2.508 – 05/22/70, and Decree nº163-N, 07/15/71, in order to increase the State commercial turn.